Hotel housekeeper opening curtains.

Outsourced OS&E Logistics Expertise in the Hospitality Sector

As the world continues to recover from COVID-19, the labor market remains one area of the economy that struggles to return to healthy levels. In the hospitality sector in particular, labor shortages are compromising hotel operations in a variety of ways, but one area that is particularly impaired is housekeeping.

Inflation adds insult to injury. Not only does it challenge hospitality managers to do more with less, but it also leaves consumers questioning whether now is the best time to take that trip. For those who do travel, the particulars of their experience are that much more important. Guests are more likely to arrive stressed and looking for an escape, so the details – like the quality of housekeeping products and services – make all the difference.

In order to maintain profitable operations and still offer an outstanding guest experience, savvy hospitality managers should evaluate outsourced solutions to serve as extensions of their housekeeping teams when renovating, converting, or opening new properties. Long considered an option to be used based on circumstance, outsourced expertise in housekeeping is now a necessary part of strategy. An experienced OS&E (operating supplies and equipment) partner can help get a property online sooner and reduce the impact on day-to-day housekeeping goals and headcount. Such a shift allows the housekeeping team to focus on the most important facets of the guestroom experience.

When evaluating potential partners, it is critical to consider five factors:

  1. Markets: Because some markets have stronger labor pools than others, hospitality managers should consider partners who are able to offer a broad geographic footprint. This enables both scalability and flexibility.
  2. hotel maid in uniform bringing clean towels and other supplies to hotel room.Seasonality: Speaking of flexibility, the ideal partner will allow for surges in service level based on need.
  3. Partnership-based approach: Knowing that needs, market conditions, and demands will continue to fluctuate, hospitality managers should only consider partners with whom they can envision a lasting relationship. Transactional, reactive decision-making carries the risk of deliverables that fall short of expectations.
  4. Reputation: Experience matters, as does a consistent track record of success. Partners with strong references and thoughtful value propositions are ideal.
  5. Scope of expertise: Because of the complexity behind the hospitality supply chain, partners with a nuanced scope – including OS&E logistics, FF&E logistics, and a strong labor pool for installation, project management, or other needs – can offer additional value to a partnership.

How GWS Can Help:

With a nationwide footprint of both warehouse space and trained professionals, and nearly 20 years of experience in logistics, GWS provides flexible solutions to serve as an extension of housekeeping.

OS&E Warehousing:

  • OS&E Inventory Management
  • OS&E Kitting Services / Room-In-A-Box
  • Final Mile Delivery
  • OS&E Installation and Final Placement
  • OS&E Labor Tasks (filling soap dispensers, placing various amenities per designer specifications, etc.)
  • OS&E Debris Removal

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