Take Control of Your Hospital Capital Projects: How Order Acknowledgements Can Help You Avoid Unnecessary Costs

When it comes to managing new hospital projects, one crucial aspect that is often overlooked is the use of Order Acknowledgements. Many hospital systems do not utilize this process due to the amount of work it requires in terms of calling vendors for project-related Purchase Orders (POs). However, not having this control in place can lead to extra costs in warehousing, early warranty expiration, and shipments arriving to incorrect locations.

Why Order Acknowledgements?

  • Help you ensure control over the project
  • Prevent the extra costs that can result from vendors shipping early
  • Helpful for large projects with many large Purchase Orders (POs) where warranty begins to expire on receipt (often unnecessarily early)
  • Build confidence that your equipment is received at the proper location (jobsite, warehouse, existing hospital)



Overcoming Bandwidth Constraints with Order Acknowledgements

We often see that bandwidth is a major reason why project leaders and health system Supply Chain teams do not use Order Acknowledgements, especially for projects that require dozens or even hundreds of POs. Order Acknowledgements are the first of several steps toward helping you assert control on your project. By having this control in place, you will never have to say, “I have no idea of the status of equipment ordered!” ever again.



A Platform That Will Make Your Life Easier

At GWS, we help you avoid cost at every turn. Our team understands the importance of controlling costs in projects, and we have developed a process that includes the use of Order Acknowledgements and related steps to ensure efficient and cost-effective project management. In fact, our LINKTM technology features a Procurement Status Dashboard that tracks progress during this phase, documenting status for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about our process and how it can help your hospital system, or to see a demonstration of how Order Acknowledgements in the LINK™ platform can benefit your project, please reach out to us.