Handling Shipments in the Warehouse

Four Best Practices for Handling Shipments in the Warehouse

Handling shipments in the warehouse can present unique challenges, but implementing best practices can help you avoid negative results and control costs. Below are four best practices to keep in mind when managing shipments in your warehouse:

1. Do Not Open Shipments Unless External Damage is Present
It is crucial to resist the temptation to open shipments and complete work inside the warehouse unless there is external damage present. Opening shipments without a valid reason can lead to negative outcomes. For instance, if items are not properly returned to their original packaging, they can be damaged during transit from the warehouse to the site or damaged while in storage.

guy Handling Shipments in the Warehouse2. Document External Damage Immediately and Refuse Shipment if Necessary
When external damage is present, it is essential to document it immediately. This documentation plays a crucial role in initiating the claims process with the carrier or supplier. If the damage is significant, it is within your rights to refuse the shipment upon delivery. By doing so, you protect your organization from having to prove that the damage was not done while the product was in your custody. Immediate responses like these also ensure that there will not be extra costs associated with damaged goods.

3. Address Concealed Damage during Order Acknowledgement
You can and should seek a concealed damage waiver from your vendors during the order acknowledgment process. This waiver protects health systems from opening items on receipt.

You will have ample time to replace products, even if damaged when working with vendors and having a concealed damage waiver in hand.

4. Establish a Clear Policy with Your Warehouse Partner
Refusing damaged shipments and coordinating with your warehouse partner go hand in hand. Before starting any project, it is essential to establish a clear policy with your warehouse partner. This policy should outline expectations for handling damage claims and set a framework for effective communication. By ensuring that all parties understand their roles and responsibilities, you can effectively manage damaged shipments and reduce the potential for delays or complications.

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