How to Load Your New Facility in a Deliberate, Systematic Way

When it is time to pull items from your warehouse, it is important to load your new facility in a deliberate and systematic way. Warehouses often store items according to project purchase orders (POs). To ensure a smooth loading process, make sure to call for your items by their respective POs. This way, you can pull only those POs for which all items have been received, reducing the risk of missing or incomplete orders.

Based on our experience, the key considerations below will ensure a successful process:

Be deliberate with timing
The loading process should not be rushed. It is important to wait until three conditions are met before beginning:

a. Most of your items have been received
b. There is a clear understanding of the schedule for receiving the remaining items
c. The building is ready to be loaded

Avoid Kitting
While kitting in the warehouse may seem like a time-saving practice, it is generally not recommended. Kitting involves assembling all the items for a room, department, or floor for a single delivery. If this is done, perceived efficiency gains at the job site come at the expense of additional warehouse labor costs and new risks from transporting items outside of their original packaging.

Surprisingly, visiting rooms/floors multiple times generates the most efficient deliveries. While doing so may not seem to be the most efficient, it minimizes additional costs associated with higher-cost labor and parceling out individual items from large-quantity shipments.

Implement Checks and Balances
Lastly, it is crucial to have a process in place that includes checks and balances. For example, items/quantities should be reconciled against a pull schedule as soon as the truck arrives at the job site. Before items are placed, labels should be affixed to each item for placement. This way, it will be clear if the pull schedule and item labels are discrepant from the actuals and additional action is needed. By implementing these measures, you can maintain a chain of custody over your inventory and minimize the risk of errors or delays.

load your new facility lables

The Value of Professional Assistance
If you need assistance with loading your building, setting up your warehouse, or establishing efficient processes, it is important to seek professional help.

At GWS, we can ensure a smooth and successful loading process, optimize your warehouse setup, and establish efficient processes for the long term. Our expertise and experience can help you navigate through the process and guarantee success. Contact us today to learn more about how we help you load your new facility in a  deliberate and systematic way.